"Lisa is the Hostess of our Coool Classic Artists Today (Coool CAT), nationally syndicated radio show.  Her energetic delivery and style connects instantly with our listeners. Her knowledge of our music genres and witty delivery style keeps our audience engaged.  Lisa's dedication to getting the job done in an effective and efficient manner, keeps our show running like clockwork.  Our radio affiliates are also pleased with the top-notch, professional job she does on our Coool CAT shows.  With her talent, we also utilize Lisa for drops and liners on our other syndicated radio show."
R.K. White, Owner and Operator of the CAT network

"I have been working with Lisa for approximately three wonderful years.  Lisa is beyond words but I will make an attempt.  Her level of professionalism is impeccable.  She is not only organized and insightful, she is also a visionary.  When presented with an idea, even if it is not something in her "familiar" zone, she has an intuitive ability to understand the project goal and how to translate that mission and bring it to the community in a familiar and inviting manner.  Her enthusiasm, good humor and kindness make Lisa a joy to be around.  You can put her in a room full of people she has never met and before you know it she has them engaged and hanging on her every word.  I have seen this happen more than once.  Lisa is a blast of a human being, she gets the job done and then some.  If you need someone to take your project over the edge, she is definitely your go to gal."
 Renate Macchirole/Community Inclusion Specialist

"Lisa did an amazing job on the voice over for our New Zealand promotional DVD.  All of the recipients of the DVD loved it.  And, posted on YouTube and Facebook the promotional reel has been seen and liked by hundreds of thousands of viewers many of whom comment on the great sounding voice."
Adam Longnecker, President All Star Adventures

"I think the best thing about working with Lisa is how comfortable she is in her element and also how comfortable she makes you feel during live remotes. Check this out, she just introduced me as a " well known, respected businessman"! How do you top that?! I'm feeling like I'm on top of the world right now! It's stuff like this and her spontaneity on the air that keeps it "REAL" and the listeners like that excitement. Lisa also records commercials for us and her voice is really good for a wide range of topics from food and beverages to women's clothing and seasonal sales. She just makes anything and everything sound better, even me!"

- Trip Forman : Well Known Respected Businessman, Slickstock Veteran,
Co-Founder REAL Watersports, Watermen's Retreat, Watermen's Bar & Grill